Freelancers and Consultants

Tools for freelancers and consultants

There are many reasons why so many professionals these days are leaning towards a freelance career. The freedom, flexibility and the opportunity to pick up desirable projects are some of the benefits that cannot be ignored. For example, for Brandon, … Read More

Multiple teams

Practical tips to manage multiple projects efficiently

I wish I was better at multitasking. Things keep on piling up even after investing so much time and effort. Why is there such a limited time to manage my projects?   Can you relate to these lines? Don’t worry; … Read More

Business Consultant tools

Important Tools That Every Business Consultant Must Have

Business consultants are no strangers to busy schedules. In fact, right from the time when you step into this field, you learn that time is money. When you are busy managing different clients, you hardly get the time to do … Read More