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The pandemic has brought about many changes in the way we live and work. One of the most significant changes is – working remotely. Remote working is fast becoming the new normal. However, for many people, working remotely or managing a remote team has become a daunting task. If you are in the same situation, don’t worry! Advancements in technology have made it possible to manage remote teams efficiently while keeping their productivity high.


Here are some tools that can help you simplify the task of managing and coordinating your remote teams, and maximizing their productivity.


Project Management Tools

To manage your remote team, you need a tool that can help you with various tasks like planning the projects, allocating resources, organizing documents and tasks, and facilitating collaboration. You also need to schedule tasks, manage deadlines, simplify reporting, track progress, and make remote work management easier for you.

Proofhub: With several handy features like online proofing, discussions, notes, Gantt charts, to-do lists, calendaring, milestones, timesheets, custom reports, resource utilization, project progress tracking, and group as well as one-on-one chats, Proofhub is one of the most trusted project management tools for remote teams.

Trello: A highly visual tool that helps you to manage your work effectively. It helps you organize your project into boards where you get all the information about tasks being worked on, people to whom the task is allocated, and the tasks that are in process. Trello’s easy to use features make it a popular choice among people who do not want to use complex full-featured project management tools like Microsoft Project.

Asana: A leading project and task management tool, Asana is commonly used by remote teams. It helps them track tasks and discuss them in real-time. Equipped with features like notes, groups, combined tasks, and followers, it empowers remote teams to do their best. The best part is – every change in your project is notified to you instantly.

Basecamp:  With simple functionalities for exchanging ideas, organizing discussions, and keeping everyone in sync throughout the project, Basecamp is another good choice for managing your projects and collaborating. However, the tool comes with limitations in terms of time tracking, topic archiving, arranging subtasks, and setting up team hierarchy, etc.



Team Collaboration Tools

Remotely working teams are often distributed across different time zones, which means that communication is bound to become challenging at times. So, here are a few tools that can make remote teams’ interaction and collaboration easy and effective.

Slack: This is a messaging tool that allows remote teams to exchange ideas and put comments in real-time, enabling everyone to communicate and work effectively. Teams can communicate one-on-one or in groups. Also, you can pin messages and links to refer to at a later date. With all your team communication in a single place, remote working will become much easier.

Troop Messenger: Troop Messenger is a popular remote work tool due to its rich features and ease of use. Teams can interact through instant messaging, audio and video calls, location and file sharing, and form various groups on the go.


Cloud Storage Tools

Remote teams need to share large multimedia files and documents that cannot be sent as email attachments due to size limitations. That’s where they need Cloud Storage to store and share a variety of large files and improve their collaboration.

Google Drive: Google drive is the top choice for remote teams to store all your files in a secured and centralized place. You can easily share your documents, presentations, videos, spreadsheets, etc. Besides, you can sync your Google drive with any device you want and get the flexibility to access and update files from anywhere and anytime.

Dropbox: Another cloud-based tool that provides you a workspace to work as a remote team. Dropbox also allows you to store and share a variety of large files, making your remote team collaboration much easier.


Video Calling and Screen Sharing Tools

With your remote teams working from different locations, video conferencing tools are essential to connect with your co-workers and ensure good collaboration.

Zoom: Zoom is one of the most used tools for group calling with a great video quality. You can use it for your remote team meetings where you also have the option to record the Zoom call with video, so you can refer to it later. You can set up a Zoom meeting, add it to your calendar and send invites to others. Besides, you can share our screen with other team members to have a common discussion.  

Google Meet: A Google video conferencing tool where you can invite up to a hundred people, share your screen, record your meetings, and also stream HD quality video. You can record the meetings using Google drive and stream it live to thousands of people. Anyone with a Google account can use Google Meet to create free meetings.

Microsoft Teams: Microsoft teams lets you schedule video or audio meetings with one person or the entire team and organize webinars or meetings with thousands of participantsIt’s fully integrated with Microsoft 365, making it a leader in the video conferencing market. These integrations make it easy to schedule your calls and share invites. Besides, you get all the common video conferencing features like screen sharing, call recording, chats, and live captions as well as blurring of the background. So, if you are already using Microsoft 365 then the Microsoft team is an ideal choice for your digital communication and collaboration needs.


Productivity Enhancing Tools

A variety of tools are also available to make sure that your remote team is working with maximum productivity.

Krisp: This handy tool lets you mute the background noise during meetings. It can be used with any communication app like Skype, Zoom, Slack, etc., making sure that you enjoy clear communication and have more productive meetings. 

Todoist: Another useful tool to make sure that your remote team gets organized and works productively. It has features like tasks and subtasks to organize tasks for your remote team. You can create projects, set reminders, add your notes, upload files, and create productivity charts.

Blink: It’s a powerful tool that helps you increase your teams’ productivity in various ways. It provides a great digital environment for your team to function efficiently. Apart from facilitating communication, it has features like calendar management, a news feed, employee directory, and discussion boards that help bind your team together. Besides, you can create micro applications within Blink as per your employee communication and collaboration needs. The best part is – you don’t need to be a technical expert to do that! Whether you want to manage absentees or automate your timesheets, you can easily create one micro-application and also optimize it to various devices.


Time Management Tools

Remote teams need remote time management tools for better team management and increased productivity.

Kickidler: One of the most used tools for employee monitoring. It lets you track time, analyze employee productivity, get information on efficiency dynamics, view several real-time screens and also check the history of actions.

Teamwork: Another time tracking tool to monitor and enhance the productivity of your team’s working hours. You can invoice all the tracked hours, create custom reports of the logged time and export them to Excel, CSV, or PDF.


Time Converting Tools

As remote teams work in different time zones, team members need the flexibility to set their work time according to the place they are working from. Your team also needs some common meeting times where all the members working in various time zones are available. Time converting tools can prove to be very useful in such cases.

World Time Buddy:  With a world clock and an online meeting scheduler, this tool is the top choice for various distributed teams. Moreover, you can compare various time zones, plan web meetings and conference calls, etc.


Employee Reward Tools

Remote teams need to be in good spirits so that they can give their best. And you can boost their motivation by rewarding good work from time to time.

Wooboard: An online platform to recognize your remote employees for their good work. Through Wooboard, you can create as many reward programs as you want, while employees can celebrate their success through its features that support social engagement.



With so many different kinds of tools available these days, you have to make your choice judiciously. No matter which tools you choose, you are sure to make your remote team happier, more productive, and better geared for success.



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